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Hangzhou auto supplies Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, growth in the new century, the tide of the times. For 12 years, easy to prepare always to customer service, employee service, entrepreneurship and innovation as the goal, the way entrepreneurship and innovation, after famous brand strategy, diversification strategy, internationalization strategy, brand strategy of globalization four development stage, 2015 into the five stages of development -- the network strategy stage, easy preparation has been the development of global automotive supplies well-known brands.

Easy to prepare vision and mission is to become the industry led, customer preferred first competitive car life solutions for a better car service provider. Easy to prepare by a single a win-win autonomous business model, to, create a node closed-loop dynamic network organization, foreign, to build an open platform to become a leader in global automotive supplies industry, the whole process of customer experience driven virtual network integration leader, to create world-class brand in the Internet era.

"Easy way" is the innovation of the road, its connotation is: to create a first-class talent mechanism and platform, which continue to create value for customers, and then form a win-win situation of adult single culture. At the same time, easy to prepare to "no business success, only the era of enterprise" concept, is committed to build evergreen enterprise of a hundred years, a company can go far, depends on suitable for enterprise own value view. This is landing corporate strategy, to resist the temptation of the cornerstone.

The core values are easy to prepare:

Seeking truth from facts: take the customer as the cornerstone of the work by the staff as a cornerstone, sincere, it is seeking

Hard struggle -- pioneering spirit and innovative spirit

By changing the system into a complex political and economic situation, in order to change the system

Unity of man and man, man and man, the interests of a win-win situation

Each easy to prepare people has "two hit" the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, formation, easy to prepare in the ever changing market to maintain competitive advantage of the characteristics of the core capability: intense changes in the world, customers are changing faster, easy to prepare strain faster, inheritance and more for a long time.

The two pioneering spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation is the gene that is easy to be prepared.

Innovation and entrepreneurship innovation spirit is easy to prepare the same cultural gene, easy to prepare the same concept of gene is not only on the personal development of the employees in the view of the guidelines, constraint is the value of staff view, these two genes enable easy to prepare the staff of independent forward.

Entrepreneurship, namely the spirit of entrepreneurship, and easy to encourage every employee should have the spirit of entrepreneurship, from being operated into independent business, the impossible to become possible, to become their own CEO.

The essence of the spirit of innovation is to create the value of differentiation. Difference in value to the source of creation of products to the needs of practical in-depth cognition and knowledge of accurate grasp, only in-depth effectively master the market demand and the knowledge and skills related to technology, in order to create the value of business of alienation.

The core of the two creative spirit is to emphasize the goal of locking the first competitiveness. Easy to prepare targets remain unchanged, in order to realize the vision of an open, effective integration, using all resources, pay a tremendous work and effort, to constantly strive to achieve the first competitive goal.

The benefit view of the single and one double benefit is the guarantee of the sustainable management.

Easy to prepare for all stakeholders, including employees and customers. Network times, easy preparation and sub supplier and partner composed of network organization, formed one of the interests of the community, sharing a win-win situation to create value. Only if all the stakeholders continue to win, easy Beicai could achieve a sustainable operation. To achieve this goal, easy to prepare continuous business model innovation, gradually formed and perfected with easy to prepare the characteristics of single a win-win model, "people" with two of a spirit of the staff, "single" that every employee business supervisor's work matters. Each employee is in a different independent operating system for customers to create value, in order to create value for customers at the same time, so as to realize their own value, so that the value of the natural embodiment of the enterprise.

Each employee through the addition of independent operators and customers to establish a contract, from being managed to self-management, from being operated to independent management, to achieve autonomy, autonomy, self promotion, which is the full release of human nature.

Single a win-win model for employees to provide opportunity fairness and result fairness mechanism platform, for each employee to play two innovation spirit provide resources and the mechanism of protection, so that each employee can be in form of self-organization of initiative innovation and change to change the system, to win.

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