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The company's annual report in 2015

date: 2015-12-30
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Throughout 2015, automotive supplies industry can be described as turbulent, car after market new show endless, our deal with all kinds of potential impact. Accordingly a series of policy adjustment, we from the disadvantageous position reversed back.

This year our main overseas market - Russia, due to western economic sanctions, the entire market in an unprecedented dilemma, economic depression, the ruble plunge, various industries are subject to severe shock, our exports are declining, how to deal with the this sudden huge changes, how to live in the Chinese manufacturing industry increasingly fierce? Has become an urgent need to solve the big event.

Top leaders of the company timely access to domestic and international information, firmly grasp the trend of national policy, timely take the adjustment of industry chain, personnel adjustment, integration of resources, products and the development of a series of effective measures, we expand the Australian, European and African markets and stabilize the market in North America, let our enterprise walk out of the predicament of Russian customers rely heavily on the, this is so that each easy to prepare members so exciting things.

According to the company's annual financial summary that, in 2014 the annual sales exceeded 12 million yuan, the company's foreign exchange reserves reached 7 million 210 thousand U.S. dollars, for the growth of GDP in Zhejiang province contributed 0.05%, becoming the real big brother automotive supplies industry.

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